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About Us

GUSTOKO means “I Like” in Filipino and, since it sounds like “Eu Gosto” which means the same in Portuguese, I thought that it was the perfect name for my brand, bridging the Philippines, my homeland, and Portugal, my adopted country. Why Portugal? I met, fell in love, and married a Portuguese man and now live in Lisbon.
GUSTOKO came from a need to express my roots, and my “Saudades” (longing in Portuguese) for the Philippines. A dream was born of celebrating Filipino craftsmanship in a more contemporary way. Using new and old style embroidery techniques, swapping threads for straw and beads, and using fibres indigenous to my country, we created a brand founded on love.
I fly home to the Philippines several times a year to source and choose the primary materials used in the manufacture of our products. I bring with me the designs that were imagined in Portugal, which could have been inspired by a beautiful 14th century tile wall, majestic cafes, walks by the beach, museums which takes me back to different periods of time and also, pre-pandemic, my travels around the world. I see beauty wherever I go, collecting colours, textures and images that I can turn into an inspiration for a new bag.

- GUSTOKO Founder, Paula Figueras

We work with the best materials and artisans in the Philippines.  
    No two pieces are exactly the same as they are made by the human hand.
      We are committed to the continuous development of our craft in order to be able to offer the best version of every piece we have. 
        We prefer the use of natural materials and we aim to reduce production waste by recycling.
          FAIR TRADE
          Our bags are created in collaboration with several communities of Filipino artisans. We source our raw materials directly from farmers and producers. We believe that they should be fairly rewarded and we aim to help them by continuously supporting their livelihood.
          OUR TEAM
          We work with a wonderful group of women and men, who create the shapes, moulds, images and textures that will become a singular handbag. We know all our embroiderers and bag makers by name and we regard them with the greatest respect.
          Our embroidery team is composed primarily of housewives working from the comfort of their own home. We are committed to helping them create better lives for themselves, for their families and for their communities.
          We believe in giving opportunities to people who are willing to learn, be trained and are driven to succeed. 




           Both modern and timeless, each bag is designed in Portugal and lovingly handcrafted in the Philippines. Our female-led team of embroiderers painstakingly hand-embroider each design producing work of the highest quality, a labour of love every time. We love all things natural and we favour the use of fibres, wood, shell, semi-precious stones and exotic leather. These materials are creatively used to create a line of modern classics and polished pieces that reflect both an eye towards the future and a nostalgia for old school sophistication. We create each piece with the hope that you will love it as much as we do!