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Coming in a bold egg shape and a chic short and long leather strap, the Gustoko Nina is a real head-turner of a bag. It features a body covered in buntal fiber and trim in snake or sheepskin leather, and is available in white, camel, dark sage, and black and white. A pair of resin balls makes for a chic closure.

Both eye-catching and classy, the Nina is a true conversation piece! Bring it to a laid-back brunch, a romantic dinner, or a lavish garden party!

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The Grazia is a true feast for the eyes, with its body in natural ticog fiber meticulously woven into a chevron pattern. It comes in four striking versions: the oval clutch, the square clutch, the handbag, and the bucket bag, which share a fun and cheery rainbow of colors.

The clutches come with a short leather strap and a long gold metal shoulder chain, while the handbag and bucket bag feature a long leather strap besides their main handle. Sheepskin and snake leather were used as accents - for the closure, the handle, and trim.

Bringing the blessings of summer and spring, the Gustoko Grazia bag lives up to its name!

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Sintra is both a magnificent mountain range and a famous destination tagged as a UNESCO World heritage site in Western Portugal. We can also add a stylish, eye-catching Gustoko bag to the list.

The Sintra's body is covered in a natural fiber called ticog, handwoven to reveal a beautiful, abstract pattern in warm shades of orange, mustard, olive green, and muted pink. The motif reminds of the picturesque village that sits on a mountaintop, at times enchantingly covered in fog, and home to centuries-old castles.

Sintra is available as a petite clutch or a bucket bag, both accented with brown sheepskin leather and come with a long strap for the shoulders. This way, its stylish owner can swing with it hands-free, while enjoying her cocktails and canapes at summer parties.

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It’s cute, it’s chic, it’s fun – just like the scenic and vibrant Spanish island! Available in two-toned motifs of yellow and green, green and blue, turquoise and cobalt (‘blues’), and yellow and pink, the Gustoko Ibiza bag easily brings a pop of color to an outfit. It’s handmade out of natural buntal fiber, and comes with a magnetic snap closure.

The shape, too, exudes daring and style, with its oval body and a chic short leather wristlet. Designed for wearing hands-free, the Ibiza is the cool, eyecatching accessory for the fabulous woman who’s ready to party!

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Evoking the French Riviera town’s famed beaches, clear blue skies, and an overall artsy vibe, Gustoko’s St. Tropez collection is the chic and stylish woman’s spring/summer must-have.

The St. Tropez comes in blue, peach, mint green, and the one-of-a-kind rainbow – colors that, quite simply, beat with the life and energy of one of the world’s most favored holiday destinations. On its side hangs a silk tassel, a thoughtful and fun touch by Gustoko. It can be attached or detached – as the wearer sees fit for their outfit!

The blue and yellow St. Tropez bags are upright, while the rest are in a classic rectangular shape. They have both a short acrylic hand chain, and a long gold chain for the shoulder. Finally, a pair of turquoise stones in an 18k gold-plated brass setting makes for a chic and elegant closure.

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Last year’s well-loved Gustoko Lisbon collection comes in a new set of colors this 2024: nude, marigold, salmon, rust, and coral – a little more muted, save for the last, but just as roomy, fun, and elegant! Indeed, the Lisbon is bigger than your usual clutch, and can hold a lot of items – from smartphones and wallets, to keys and what-have-yous.

Handmade using the natural fiber buntal, its unique boxy shape makes for a look that’s versatile and fun. A lot like the exciting and colorful Portuguese capital!

The Lisbon features a closure of ball and cylinders covered in tinalak, which matches its trim, as well as its long and short straps. It exudes beauty and charm, and would be a perfect finishing touch to a spring or summer outfit.

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Porto, the old, historic Portuguese city, is charming, vibrant, and enchanting, and Gustoko made sure that the second set of its namesake collection continues to live up to the name.

Lovingly handmade with buntal fiber and accented with a leather trim, the Porto is quiet elegance in a bag. It can be carried in a short gold metal hand chain, or worn on the shoulder with the long gold metal strap. The cherry on top is a pair of white quartz stones in an 18k gold-plated brass setting, which lends a beautiful, glamorous contrast in colors and textures.

Available in stylish white, dark gold, crimson, dark teal, royal blue, black, and emerald green, the Porto is the ultimate accessory for fancy summer days or nights out.

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Inspired by the beautiful, romantic village sitting on the Portuguese Riviera,
the Gustoko Cascais is unapologetically bold, vibrant, and stylish.

Its body, covered in natural buntal fiber, comes in bright orange, flamingo
pink, and cherry red stripes, and is accented with a pair of deep red cylinders
for closure.

The Cascais also features sheepskin leather trim, as well as short and long
leather straps. If you’re looking for an accessory to lend fun and flair to your
summer outfit, this is the bag!

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It’s easy to fall in love with the Gustoko Lauren bag.

It comes in such a unique shape: like a small bucket, and with a short silk cord sewn from one the side to the other. The body is fashioned out of black ticog or buntal, and features a satin lining with a cord drawstring closure. It’s roomy enough for one’s party must-haves, but still cute and chic to be carried around in its cord handle.

The colors were also thoughtfully chosen: the Black Lauren is all noir, while the Pink is matched with a cherry red cord handle. The Green, on the other hand, has an emerald body that goes very well with a chartreuse cord. It’s a stylish bag one will never get tired of!

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Chic, sleek, and timeless, the Gustoko Mira is a closet staple for the fabulous, sophisticated woman.

Its body is made out of ticog natural fiber, whose texture easily brings a point of interest to a summer outfit. The sides come with sheepskin leather trim, while a pair of cylinders covered in leather makes for a neat closure.

The Mira is available in classic beige, vibrant orange, and the quietly elegant black.

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The Gustoko Caparica exudes both glamour and panache, with its boxy shape
in ebony and ivory stripes. It’s named after a quaint Portuguese destination in the Western coast of the Setubal district that’s home to wide sandy beaches, exciting surf spots, and breathtaking cliffs.

The Caparica’s motif and style easily embody the elegant chic of its namesake’s frequent visitors: French expats and tourists. It pairs well with any outfit, while being a party standout.

The body is handmade with love in natural buntal fiber, and accented with sheepskin leather for the trim. The short and long straps, on the other hand, are fashioned out of leather, as are the black cylinders for closure.

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Comporta is a laidback, panoramic, beachside Portuguese village in the
Setubal district, where the richest of the rich are known to build their country
houses. It is also a similarly captivating Gustoko bag, crafted by hand out of
natural fiber called buntal.

The Comporta comes in three versions: the bag, the petite clutch, and the
bucket bag.

The first features a boxy shape and a body divided into three segments:
chartreuse, sky blue, and cerulean. Its trim is fashioned out of snake leather,
while its closure is a pair of leather-covered cylinders.

The clutch and bucket bag, meanwhile, both feature a hand-embroidered
abstract pattern in ticog natural fiber, accented with a sheepskin leather trim.
The clutch also comes with a long leather strap, while the bucket can be
carried around by hand in its short strap, or worn on the shoulder with a long

Like the picturesque town it’s named after, each of the Comporta bags is
quietly charming, easy, and fun.

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Just like palm trees that evoke laidback, restful vacations and the warm embrace of nature, the Gustoko Palm easily invites thoughts of island holidays, of breathtaking sunsets in paradise.

Natural ticog fibers have been skillfully woven into the tropical pattern, in beige and black. The Palm comes in either the wristlet or clutch version, both accented with a sheepskin leather trim. Both are also fun and chic-looking, and bring the promise of delightful summer or spring.

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