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Gustoko is a brand proudly made in the Philippines, with an eye towards quality, sustainability, and timeless style.

We search the archipelago for the finest natural materials, and weaves that honor Filipino history, tradition, and craftsmanship. With the modern woman in mind, we turn them into designs that range from quietly elegant pieces, to the fun, bold, and unique. Our bags are a splendid finishing touch to any outfit, a trusty accessory to make wonderful memories with.
Gustoko creates only in small batches, taking supreme care to be kind to the
environment and our community of bag makers. The result is a beautiful, sustainable
product we’re delighted to bring to the world, #fromphilippineswithlove.
Designed in Lisbon, handmade in the Philippines


Raw Materials

At Gustoko, we take great care to source the finest natural materials for our bags – from fibers and leathers, to accents such as wood and shell.

We try not to use or create synthetic products, which can be harmful to the planet. Instead, we link up with communities from all over the Philippines, and celebrate what they bring to us with pride, from an endemic plant like buntal, to abaca in an ancient weave. Other fibers include the Sabutan, Raffia, and Jute.

Over the years, we have also mastered the ways to process these fibers, to retain their colors, and hold the different weave and embroidery techniques. We now have almost 200 swatches, each revealing the amount of time and attention we put towards their creation.

On Gustoko bags, there are no imperfections – only nature and our weaver’s touch in all its unique, fascinating glory.

Fair Trade

The Human Touch

Since 2014, Gustoko has gradually built its community of happy and empowered artisans. That’s because we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to looking after their working conditions.

We do not rush our bag makers and embroiderers, many of whom are women. We plan our production well, because we’d like for them to have ample time for their families, while being able to put the care towards the craft and artistry of bag- making. We also ensure that they improve their quality of life in the process.

This makes every Gustoko bag a truly beautiful product, not only because it’s handmade by artisans, but also because it bears stories of their better lives.

From the Founder

Paula Figueras

My name is Paula Figueras, a Filipina who’s now based in Lisbon.

Growing up, I had always been proud of my homeland. Wherever I went, I longed to spread the word about my country – our wonderful natural resources, our rich, vibrant culture, and the warmth and kindness of our people. Through Gustoko, I have been making this dream come true.

Gustoko was born shortly after I moved to Portugal in 2012, having met, fallen in love with, and married a Portuguese. I wanted people to know of my roots and my beautiful country, while getting to know my new home.

Slowly and with much care, I have built a small team of Filipino artisans to create bags that celebrate Philippine craftsmanship and tradition, while also carrying a contemporary European touch. Over the years, I handpicked natural and indigenous materials, researched embroidery techniques, and pondered on designs that captured the pride and love that we wished to share with the world.

These days, I fly home to the Philippines several times a year to source the materials for our products. I bring with me designs imagined in Portugal, which could have been inspired by a beautiful 14th century tile, majestic cafes, strolls by the beach, or a trip to the museum. My eyes constantly look for colours, textures, and images that can be an inspiration for a new bag.

Today, Gustoko proudly adorns the shelves of some of the finest hotels and stores in the world. It is the fun, unique, and stylish accessory of the modern woman, #fromphilippineswithlove.


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